Reporting Requirements

Start-Up Funding Report

  • One time report
  • Expenditure report setting out how the start-up funding allocated to the LEG was spent
  • The Start-Up Funding report is normally 6 months following receipt of start-up funds by the LEG or after start-up funds are spent.
  • The report is to be submitted on the following template: Start-Up Funding Report Template

Annual LEG Financial Statements

  • Submitted to NOAMA, annually, after the LEGs fiscal year-end
  • As a minimum the following statements are required:
    • Statement of Financial Position
    • Income and Expenditure Statement
    • Schedule of Payments to LEG Members
  • Decision as to level of assurance rests with the LEGs, however NOAMA does recommend that LEG consider accountants comments as a minimum.

Report of Future Academic Deliverables

  • The report is submitted to NOAMA annually
  • Sets out the plans of the LEGs and their capacity to deliver the NOSM Academic Deliverables for the next academic year
  • NOAMA forwards the report to the NOSM Associate Deans UME and PGE for sign off

Base and Variable Funding Formula Allocation Reports

1. Membership Report:

  • To receive base and variable funding, each LEG is required to confirm to NOAMA their Annual Membership Report
  • Total base funding available is prorated among the LEGs based on their eligible membership as at June 30, the end of the academic year
  • NOAMA will provide the LEGs with listing of their eligible members and request the LEG confirm their membership by sign off of the LEG Lead

2. Enhanced Scholarship, Research and Innovation Accountability Framework

  • Total variable funding available is prorated among the LEGs that confirm their interest pursuing these activities through sign off of the Accountability Framework
  • NOAMA’s offer of variable Enhanced Research and Scholarly Activity Funding requires:
    • that the LEG will use the funds to develop plans for enhanced research and scholarly activity development and/or the establishment of support infrastructure for these activities;
    • to provide a year-end report to NOAMA summarizing the plans, activities and related expenditures

Confirmation of Clinical Teaching Reconciliation

  • LEGs are prepaid for planned clinical teaching for the next 3 months (quarter)
  • A reconciliation document will be sent to LEGs for teaching that was underpaid or overpaid to the LEG in the prepayment
  • LEGS are required to respond to NOAMA their agreement or report any differences that they noted