Reporting Requirements

Start-Up Funding Report

  • One time report
  • Expenditure report setting out how the start-up funding allocated to the LEG was spent
  • The Start-Up Funding report is normally 6 months following receipt of start-up funds by the LEG or after start-up funds are spent.
  • The report is to be submitted on the following template: Start-Up Funding Report Template

Report of Future Academic Deliverables

  • The report is submitted to NOAMA annually
  • Sets out the plans of the LEGs and their capacity to deliver the NOSM Academic Deliverables for the next academic year
  • NOAMA forwards the report to the NOSM Associate Deans UME and PGE for sign off

Base Funding Formula Allocation Reports

1. Membership Report

  • To receive base funding, each LEG is required to confirm to NOAMA their Annual Membership Report
  • Total base funding available is prorated among the LEGs based on their eligible membership as at June 30, the end of the academic year
  • NOAMA will provide the LEGs with listing of their eligible members and request the LEG confirm their membership by sign off of the LEG Lead

2. Annual LEG Financial Statements

  • Financial Statements with a year-end from the preceding year to which the LEG Reporting Requirement templates are distributed, are submitted to NOAMA.
    • Example, In June 2017, financial statements with a year-end date at any point in 2016 would be required
  • As a minimum the following statements are required:
    • Statement of Financial Position
    • Income and Expenditure Statement
    • Schedule of Payments to LEG Members
    • Schedule of Expenses (Variable Funding)
  • Decision as to level of assurance rests with the LEGs, however NOAMA does recommend that LEG consider accountants comments as a minimum.

Variable Funding Formula Allocation Reports

  • Total variable funding available is prorated among the LEGs that confirm their interest pursuing these activities through sign off of the Accountability Framework
  • NOAMA’s offer of variable Enhanced Research and Scholarly Activity Funding requires:
    • that the LEG will use the funds to develop plans for enhanced research and scholarly activity development and/or the establishment of support infrastructure for these activities;
    • to provide a year-end report to NOAMA summarizing the plans, activities and related expenditures

Confirmation of Clinical Teaching Reconciliation

  • LEGs are prepaid for planned clinical teaching for the next 3 months (quarter)
  • A reconciliation document will be sent to LEGs for teaching that was underpaid or overpaid to the LEG in the prepayment
  • LEGS are required to respond to NOAMA their agreement or report any differences that they noted